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invoice customization


Invoice is a legal documentation containing information regarding the product’s sales/Purchase of a particular organization.


As we know the professional world is comprised of various different business entities. Business with a different aspect , vision, process, and trade etc. So the invoice comes handy in the default version of tally will be irrelevant to many businesses. Such that people with different mindset requires different ways to do business. And invoice is one of most important aspect of any business containing Buy/Sell information as well as can be used for legal validation .
So different business requires different invoices like


Simple Invoice
Invoice purely simple having various columns including service charge and Value added tax. Used by traders and wholesalers/retailers. Commonly used invoice mostly used in various businesses

Service invoice
Typical invoice combination having only service tax and used only whenever there any kind of service is provided.

Manufacturer invoice
Detailed invoices specially customized for manufacturers including various columns and blank space to be filled on
like Commodity Item, Commodity Code, Excise detail etc.

Trading Invoice
Used by traders having terms and conditions included on the same page

clearing and forwarding invoice
Used to provide clearance and forward to higher authorities

So the customizations are made as per the need of the customer in their invoice is the process of invoice customization. Such that they can carry out their business Sales/Purchase account details operations easily according to they want.

Given above are the basic examples of Invoice Customizations. A user’s invoice can be customized accurately as per his/her requirements.

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