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10 months ago
Tally Data Recovery

Tally Data Recovery Service

Data of Tally is very vital for every user or company. More serious the user is more vital data becomes. In other words, we can say more and more dependence on tally needs more and more care of its data. Although tally has provided many ways to protect your data but one way or other due to some human error or system failure we loose our data. Particularly in a case of a tally, it cripples our day to day business.

So, Now Don’t Worry About Tally Data Recovery.

We have to first see why data get corrupt the ways to recover depends on the reason it gets corrupt.Let’s see different reasons which can cause data corruption.

Why data get corrupt?

The reason could be any one of following:-
1-While working on tally power goes off and UPS is unable to give you backup. Next time you would open tally the company in which you were working will get corrupt.
2-The computer on which you are working is not operative and OS is not working properly. Somebody formatted it !!
3-You have taken so many backups by copying the tally folder in so many placed that you forgot which were to the original one.
4-You have taken a backup and when you try to restore it your data is wash out.

      Our Technical Team will provide you complete recovery of your
  Tally data, whether from your Hard Disk or Tally Systems. We have                       complete tools and procedures to recover your data.
    Clients require to provide us the complete folder for data recovery.

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The services provide by AMC, debugging and migrations of multi-recovery at a genuine price. We follow our company policy or recover and destroy,i.e we do not share or keep external data in our Database for any unethical practice.

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