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Have You Protected Your Tally Data from Ransomware?(WannaCry)

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Financial year data is the crucial element for Small, medium to large scale industries. It is very essential to protect the financial year data for all types of industries from accidental loss, system crash and data corruption.

Recently Ransomware(WannaCry) virus, which has so far affected more than 150 countries and major businesses and organizations.Such Industries require the automatic backup system, which takes the backup of the company data on daily basis (2-3 times a day or according to a scheduled interval), that keeps your data secure from these harmful viruses

Tally auto backup automatically takes backup of your important tally data both in local and offsite location(FTP) at regular intervals. It safeguards your company data by rapidly restoring the backup during a system failure or data loss, bringing your business back to normal operations.

It will permanently resolve the Tally backup issue from Multiple locations or folder of the system. It includes compression of data files in zip format reducing the time, size and storage cost. We can track the period, location, status of backup’s uploaded and Reason for failure if any in the Log Report.

Features why to select Tally Auto Backup module

  Convenient: Have you ever forgotten to run your backup system? Or is it becoming too much of a hassle to keep doing it every day? With an automated system, you can schedule the time you want it to run and how often. Unlike a human, it won’t forget to run and it doesn’t need to be told to begin – it’ll just do it. It’s convenient and means you will have one less thing to worry about.

  Maintains security: It could argue that an automated backup is more secure than a manual one because there’s no human to peek at the data. Either way, with an automated backup you can still keep your files secure through various methods, like encryption – all of this can do on the fly as well, during the backups.

    Ease of Recovery:  Due to multiple levels of redundancy, if data is lost or delete, most likely through individual user error or deletion, backups are available easily located.

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