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How to use user Maintenance and Tally Audit Feature in Tally

last year

        At present time Tally is one only most popular accounting cum
            inventory software that handles the day to day all routine    
                    operations of any business unit very effectively.

It is widely accepted by the different accounts for its user-friendly nature. Tally provides different accounting and inventory features that allow any user to maintain his company accounts effectively.

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User Maintenance and Tally Audit

Tally is available as multi-user package. So that one company can use by more than one users with different privilege.  All the maintenance of user accounts and rights are maintained by the administrator of the company. Every user has it owns login name and password which is set by the administrator of the company. So, today we talk what is the advantage of using Tally Audit facility in Tally. With the help of this facility, the administrator is able to do an internal audit of all accounts easily. He also checks all entries which are made by the different users in the company. He can accept or reject these entries as per his choice.

How to Enable or Active Tally Audit Feature

This feature is used to enable the tally for auditing accounts at the time of company creation. Using this feature the auditor/administrator can display and verify the transactions.  If Administrator/ Auditor are satisfy with transaction then he accepts the transaction using an F7 key. For accepting all transaction in one sort then press Alt + F7.  
Once the transactions are accepted, they are removed from the audit listing and will not display again, but if any kind of changes is made by the user in previous entries tally automatically highlight these entries apart that new entry.
Administrator watch all entries which are made by different users accounts for internal audit purpose from

GOT –> Display –> Statement of Accounts –> Tally Audit

If you want to know about voucher entry user in a report then press F12 in Day Book or Audit Report and enable the following feature: Show entered/ altered by – Yes.

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