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GST Bill Rolls Out With Tally ERP 5.4 Release

last year
tally erp 5.4.3

The Tally ERP 5.4.3, the latest release of a massive accounting software Tally ERP 9 rolls out integrating GST bill Amendment.

As we all know that the nations are preparing up for the biggest tax regime in Indian Taxation History. And the tax on tax game will go to be end soon, Tally ERP 5.4.3 is all set to cover up.

With Substantial innovations, Product & performance enhancement, Tally ERP 5.4.3 is also unleashed with the GST (Goods and Services Tax) feature.

So to understand how do both of this path breaking innovations covering Asia’s Largest market sector, We have to grasp Tally ERP 5.4.3 and GST TAX/Bill separately.

Tally ERP 9 – 5.4.3

What is Tally ERP 5.4.3?

Tally ERP 5.4.3 is another fresh update of Tally ERP 9 hefty accounting software having a tremendous amount of functions and capabilities.

Having a vast range of product enhancements Tally ERP 5.4.3 main focus is to make Business management far easier and simpler for the Indian market.

What in Tally ERP 9 Releases 5.4.3 for its Users?


Tally 5.4.3 is installed with powerful and simplified statutory function such that it will help you to maintain your taxation in a low complication high-efficiency manner.

With the implementation of Triangular Report function tally 5.4.3 give you the feel of a handmade return with 100 % accuracy.

Yes, you can sort out data entry and any other quality error automatically before generating the Return using the Triangular report function of 5.4.3 release of Tally ERP 9.

Total control over Tax Rates and classification applicable for your business. Configure as you want, Whenever you want.

Lighter than its previous version, The Tally.ERP 9 5.4.3 release is lighter, faster, optimized and hassle-free version as compared to its predecessor

Data Sync On Demand, Security, Authenticity, Reliability the major factor implemented in Tally 5.4.3 release when it’s come for Data Sharing or Synchronization.

Without being continuously connecting to each other you can share information across your determined Locations including an appropriate update of any modification.

One Click Installation, One of the great advantages of Tally 5.4.3 is that you are Ready-Set-Go in just a few seconds, all you need to use the zero-configuration installer which makes installation simpler.

Gear Upgrades, For better product stabilization and completeness more than 2000 features enhancements are done and issue resolutions request considered.

Along with GST, The VAT forms provided in Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.4.3 are currently available only for 20 states across India,


How GST Rolls Out with The Tally ERP 9 Release 5.4.3?

The Gst Ready version of Tally ERP is ready to roll out in 6 states of India including Delhi, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamilnadu.

Using the GST Tax Bill feature in your latest update of Tally, you can bring transparency in your business transactions at broad levels. From 1 April 2017, a user can file his/her GST tax returns from the software. This is a very important feature as it saves time and complications for the user, provided he maintains his masters properly. (E.g. maintaining complete details like PAN, TIN etc. for Ann J1/J2)

Approximately about 7 to 8 millions of business going to be registered under GST. So they need a software compatible with GST such that they don’t have to worry about their taxation and any other account related things as the Tally ERP 9 Release 5.4.3 is totally prepared for what’s upcoming.

Business processes will Go under several phases like:

• Registrations
• Returns
• Payments
• Refunds

GST Business Registration

After reaching the threshold of Rs 5 Lakh for NE states + Sikkim and Rs 10 Lakhs for the remaining states a business will be liable to pay Taxes.

However existing dealers and customers would be provided a 15-digit GSTIN Based on their PAN according to the structure Given Below .


GST Tax Bill Returns

• After having GST over the market it is compulsory to file monthly returns comprising the quarterly/annual returns. Which can be done using Tally ERP 9 5.4.3 release easily and efficiently

• After GST Tax Businesses will be filing GSTR-1 , GSTR-2, GSTR-3 as compared to filing 1 return because after GST bill there will be 3 compliances events every month as compared to 1 event today.

• At the 10th of every subsequent month will be the due date of first compliance event 9 Filing of GSTR-1)

• As business need to file returns quarterly along with each and every detail , Composition scheme will no longer be favorable.

• Unlike earlier paper filing option will not be available anymore. So business will require a suitable accounting software which will surely be the Tally ERP 9 5.4.3 Release.

• Businesses require providing data invoice-wise on a granular level for GST , that needs to be with HSN codes.

• Cascading effect (Tax on Tax) Will be no more such that businesses have to plan each and everything from the initial state in which Tally 5.4.3 will be very helpful.

Mandatory e-payment for amount > Rs 10,000
Offline: Cash/Cheque/DD/NEFT/RTGS etc.
Challan is auto-populated, and can be downloaded

Refund process will be automated and wherever applicable 80% refund will be granted provisionally when applied without scrutiny.

admin - last year

nice blog ! really helpful

Anuj - last year

Suppose ,I have done tally and now I am working ,but after coming GST how will I pass entry regarding GST and even I don’t know GST then I want to ask is any need to be learning about GST in tally

    milan bhatia - last year

    The update on GST is about to come, keep visiting our blog !

shiraj ahmad - last year

i want to know role of gst underf tally latest versions.

    sidhant jain - last year

    Sir, whenever GST will be implemented, you will get updates in your Tally.ERP9.
    To know more, you can also attend our Tally Clinic Camp in which Tally Industry Expert will give you a presentation
    about the fundamental role of GST in Tally.ERP 9
    Register yourself and claim your spot now..

GANESH - 10 months ago

Hello sir,

i want to see the GST sales invoice sample

    kritika agarwal - 10 months ago

    Sir, May I know your name and contact details before we proceed? So that our executive will give more details about your query.
    you can also contact our support no. +91 8010-317-317.

      kritika agarwal - 10 months ago

      you can also contact our support no. +91 8010-317-317.

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