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How to pay GST? | All About Tally | Tallywale

6 months ago

Every registered regular tax payer has to furnish GST returns on a monthly basis and pay the tax due by the 20th of the month. If a taxpayer does not pay the tax due, interest on the tax due will be applicable from the day on which the tax was due to pay. If a […]


Impact of GST on Working Capital for SMEs

6 months ago

Working capital is the lifeline of a business to carry out day-to-day operations. Managing working capital efficiently is a problem that plagues both small and large businesses. Inability to manage working capital may have adverse effects, including premature closure of businesses. GST, a comprehensive indirect tax system, is a few months away from the rollout. […]


What to Expect from GST and GST Ready Product?

6 months ago

Government Tax System There are just a few weeks remaining for you to get prepare for the roll out of GST, and out of the many questions you will be asking yourself, ‘what changes should I look for in my system, from my Tax Consultant, or in business processes, in order to better prepare for […]


Just Few Months for GST Rollout ! Are you Ready? Tally GST

7 months ago

GST Tally.ERP 9 is your perfect business management solution.   Indian Businesses are eagerly waiting out for the rolling of Goods & Service Tax (GST) which will be effective from 01 July 2017. With a majority of the businesses using Tally Accounting software for daily functioning, integrating Goods & Service Tax with it won’t be a problem. Under […]


5 crucial ways how doing business will be different under GST

7 months ago

The goods and services tax (GST) regime is less than 75 days away — assuming July 1 as the roll-out date. Here is a look at how doing business will be different in the GST-era. What should businesses keep in mind while generating invoice?                       […]


Tally ERP.9 GST Ready Software | Price List | Tally 5.5 latest release with GST compatible

8 months ago

Now available in market GST Ready Software with the latest  Tally ERP.9 release 5.5 –     Through GST, the government intends to bring about greater transparency in business transactions and simplify compliance needs.             Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.5 aims to help businesses ensure that             […]


Understanding Mixed And Composite Supply In GST

10 months ago

If you look at the market today, you will notice very often, two or more goods, or a combination of goods and services, are supplied together. This could be due to either of the following reasons: A sales strategy – to attract more customers The nature or type of goods or services, which requires them […]


How to file your GST Returns?

10 months ago

Every registered taxable person has to furnish outward supply details in Form GSTR-1 (GST Returns-1) by the 10th of the subsequent month. On the 11th, the visibility of inward supplies is made available to the recipient in the auto-populated GSTR-2A. The period from 11th to 15th will allow for any corrections (additions, modifications, and deletion) in […]


GST Impact on Supply without Consideration & Importation of Services

10 months ago

GST Impact on Supply without Consideration & Importation of Services In our earlier blog Supply of Goods and Services: What does it Mean we discussed about supply with consideration which is mostly about business operational activities like sales, transfers, and so on. In this blog post, we will discuss exceptional scenarios, which form a part of […]


Model GST law to be finalised by this month end: CBEC Member

10 months ago

Model GST law to be finalised by this month end: CBEC Member The law will pave the way for roll out of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from July 1. Model GST law, which is currently being vetted by the law department, is expected to be finalised by this month end, said a senior […]

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