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Tally – The Best Accounting Software.

All your accounting requirements and more are supports in Tally ERP.9  Best Accounting Software, also known as bookkeeping, is the recording and classifying of financial transactions into the books of accounts and associated registers.

Best Enterprise Resource Planning Software.


Let us look at why businesses maintain books of accounts:

• To fulfill legal requirements
• To pay taxes and meet other statutory requirements
• Keep the business running by managing receivables & payables, cash, bank…
• To have a watch on the pulse of the organization
• Respond to queries by locating the right transaction quickly

           We have been perfecting the accounting module for over
         seventeen years, to deliver not just an accounting software,
   but a powerful business management software for all your needs:

• With the entry of a voucher (this is what we call all accounting transactions)
-> all books of accounts,
-> all reports,
-> all totals &
-> subtotals are updates instantly.
There is nothing more that needs to do – whether you are inserting a  forgotten entry, or correcting one
• Taxation requirements of all the States of India are available, in the prescribed formats
• Supporting tasks like reminder letters, delayed interest, aging, bank reconciliation
One single dashboard to view all important business ratios
• Drill down from any report, even the Balance Sheet, right to any voucher, or filter and search
• Data entry in the language of the users choice, and report in any other language (from the languages supported)
• Mark vouchers that are draft as ‘optional’ and convert these to final, with one click.

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neha joshi - 11 months ago

Nice informative blog.
Thumbs up!
Thanks for sharing.
As far as now Tally.ERP9 is the best accounting software which is complying GST norms also. So you dont need to buy a new one if you have Tally.ERP9 already purchased.
To know in detail about Tally.ERP9 and its benefits please refer link in comment.

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