Impact of GST on Working Capital for SMEs

16 hours ago
Input Tax Credit

Working capital is the lifeline of a business to carry out day-to-day operations. Managing working capital efficiently is a problem that plagues both small and large businesses. Inability to manage working capital may have adverse effects, including premature closure of businesses. GST, a comprehensive indirect tax system, is a few months away from the rollout. […]

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What to Expect from GST and GST Ready Product?

a couple of days ago
Government Tax System

Government Tax System There are just a few weeks remaining for you to get prepare for the roll out of GST, and out of the many questions you will be asking yourself, ‘what changes should I look for in my system, from my Tax Consultant, or in business processes, in order to better prepare for […]

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Why we need ERP School Management Software?

6 days ago
School Management Software

With the passage of time, new technologies are taking place of old traditional environment in managing informative data.So it’s important for an organization to manage all data and work in a professional way in order to save both time and money. But these days schools management face difficulty in managing each student statement. There is […]

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Have You Protected Your Tally Data from Ransomware?(WannaCry)

7 days ago
tally auto backup

Financial year data is the crucial element for Small, medium to large scale industries. It is very essential to protect the financial year data for all types of industries from accidental loss, system crash and data corruption. Recently Ransomware(WannaCry) virus, which has so far affected more than 150 countries and major businesses and organizations.Such Industries require the automatic backup […]

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How to identify your most valuable customers using Tally ERP.9?

a couple of weeks ago

Valuable Customer In Tally ERP.9- This article is about features of Tally ERP 9 which help any business to identify its most valuable customers and how they can be retained once identified. For any business, a customer is the King. A business strives to give best of it’s services or products to its customers. Businesses […]

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Why It is Essential To Renew Your Tally.Net Subscription?

a couple of weeks ago

Necessities of Tally Renewal Subscription-  Irrespective of how genuine and professional the business is, the fact is that it can’t afford to use an outdated and pirated accounting software. Tally renewal subscription aids to get the updated Tally ERP 9 software along with several other features such as remote edit, managing your subscription and several other […]

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Just Few Months for GST Rollout ! Are you Ready? Tally GST

4 weeks ago

GST Tally.ERP 9 is your perfect business management solution.   Indian Businesses are eagerly waiting out for the rolling of Goods & Service Tax (GST) which will be effective from 01 July 2017. With a majority of the businesses using Tally Accounting software for daily functioning, integrating Goods & Service Tax with it won’t be a problem. Under […]

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